Big Glenorchy Fun Weekend details

18-19 February. Please find attached a leaflet about the fun weekend coming up, do make an effort to come along, it should be great to get together and we’re trying to put on lots of activities to keep you entertained and hopefully to give you some of you a chance to try something new, buy something new (or old), or to learn something new. Please tell your friends and print off the leaflet and put it up wherever you can. We do want this to happen at Glenorchy, so if there isn’t a NW due it will probably get postponed to the following weekend. So keep in touch.

For accomodation there are several options up there, due to the new Freedom Camping by laws, you’re not allowed to camp next to the lakeside launch spot, but the Glenorchy Hotel are offering special rates for rooms and in the backpackers 442 9902, and the camp ground/holiday park are allocating one area where people can camp together 442 0303.

No fixed schedule as most activities will be wind dependant, but provisionally it’ll kick off with a BBQ and second hand gear garage sale Sat lunch time. 1ish. and there’s a social planned for the pub that Sat evening, with a video planned which will be made up from the days recordings.

If anyone would like to contribute in any way to the weekend, do get in touch.

 download the poster

Any windsurfers who are interested in particular demo gear (eg. a particular size board or sail) or things from Watercooled in Dunedin please ring Tony or Dave 03 479 2206 , and hopefully they’ll put it in the van to bring up for demo or sale. (New or second hand). They have lists of some of their gear on their website.

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