Club Gear

The club has windsurfing and kiting equipment, a stand up paddleboard and a go-pro (all listed below).  All this equipment is free to use by members who selected a membership option 'with use of club gear'.  You can upgrade to a 'use of club gear' membership by contacting Sue.

If you have any questons about the club gear, please contact Chris Shaw ph 0210512905.

To Use the Club Gear

First, please make sure you read and agree to the conditions of use.

Then, you can book the gear through the HelloClub website.

Then, collect the gear from 27 Melbourne Street, Queenstown.

And don't forget to return it promptly and report any problems, breakages etc to Chris Shaw.

Conditions for Using Club Gear

  1. SLWRC is not liable, and you take sole responsibility for all and any damage and or injuries that may occour while using the club gear.
  2. You can only book and/or use club gear if you have a current membership option 'with use of club gear'.
  3. You must collect and return the gear yourself.
  4. You are responsible for the gear while you have it.
  5. You must report to Chris Shaw if you lose or damage any of the gear, or if it is stolen, while it is in your care.
  6. You may be required to reimburse the club for any loss or damage (the Club Committee will decide in each case depending on for example, the extent of damage and the age or the gear).
  7. You are a good swimmer (can swim at least 200m) and know how to safely use the gear.
  8. You must wear a life vest, helmet and suitable wetsuit (5/4 mm reccommended) at all times while using the club gear.
  9. You can book gear for up to 24 hours and up to one week in advance - other arrangements may be possible, ie booking further in advance or for longer than 24 hours,  please ask Chris Shaw.

Beginner Windsurfing Package

180 litre beginner board with centre board

Grey bag contains a 4.5m sail with a very thin mast and boom. This is a light weight rig for beginners. NOT TO BE TAKEN OUT IN STRONG WINDS.

Intermediate / Advanced Windsurfing Package

Boards - 160l Bic Veloce, no centre board but very stable, an excellent progression board.

Also, three short boards -  78L short board, 85 l short board, 95 l short board

Rigs -  there are three bags with a choice of sails - PLEASE DON'T MIX THEM UP!

  1. Tied together  6m sail + mast+ boom (no base with this you would need to borrow from one of other packages - please put back).
  2. Brown bag has main intermediate/advanced rig package. 4m/5m/5.3m. + boom + mast + base (ideally need 400 m which we don't have in club quiver)
  3. Orange bag. Older 5.5m sail + mast + boom

8m Kite & Board

8m catalyst water kite and older style, longer board

4m Inflatable Trainer Kite

4m Trainer Kite. This trainer kite can only be borrowed if it's use is to be supervised by an experienced person. Gavin (ph 021994139) and Jim (ph 0210797080) occasionally run training sessions to help club members learn kite flying. 

3m Trainer Foil Kite

3m trainer foil kite.

Stand Up Paddleboard

The Club has an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard and paddle.

Inflatable SUP, comes in a bag with a pump.

This SUP has an adjustable plate which allows a windsurf rig to be added and together with the  removable fin and centreboard, it can used as a windsurf board. It must be REALLY well inflated to use as a windsurf board.

Go Pro

The club has a GoPro Hero 2 with a helmet attachment.

Other Kiting Equipment (not listed on Hello Club Booking page)

Mountain board, can be used for land/sand practice

10m foil kite for snow

Life Jackets and Harnesses (not listed on Hello Club Booking page)

Best to bring your own if you have them.  Otherwise the club has bags of lifejackets various sizes and very old harnesses.