Southern Lakes Windriders Newsletter Dec 2010

Getting Out There!

There can be no excuse for not getting out there with some excellent thermals at Jardines lately and NW’s!

New club email address – This address will reach the President (Sue Bradley) and the Secretary (Becky Ozanne)

Club Membership

Only $25!!!!! (Includes free entry to the Downwinder in March). The membership fee hasn’t increased in over 4 years, in fact in 1996 it was $45!!!!! Club membership entitles you access to Jardines Bay. Please respect the access through private property and NO DOGS ALLOWED! Your club membership helps to pay for the Glenorchy anenometer, maintenance to the road at Rat Point and also campaigning on issues such as applications for permanent boat moorings in Jardines bay.

If you want a membership form or you have not received the membership pack please e-mail Becky on the new e-mail address.

Up and Coming Events

Saturday 18th December social xmas sail. Venue to be advised. Nw Glenorchy, southerly thermal Jardines.


A great place for place for camping and windsurfing and the water’s warmer! Christmas and New Year is a popular time for southern lakes and Dunedin windsurfers to gather there. The sailing site is on the northen side slightly west of the boat harbour. From the 1st to the 3rd of January there is a social fun race across the lake and back.

Lessons/Social Gathering

January 13th Sue starts Windsurf lessons for beginners and intermediates at Frankton Beach from 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Beginners lesson with rental and wetsuit $50 for 1 ½ hours. $25 per hour for rentals. Also a great opportunity to use club gear, get some tips and have a social bbq with other members.

Club Windsurf Gear and Kiting Gear

If you want to use it book/check with Christy on 0226751070. There is a 160l bic veloce board with a 6,5 and 4m sail and a 430 and 460 mast. There is now also some old style kiting gear located in the same place – a 157 board, a naish aeo 12m and 16m kite and lines.


If you have any gear for sail or wanted’s let us know and we will e-mail out the details to all. Becky is looking for a 5.2ish windsurf sail.

Downwinder Organisation

There will be a preliminary meeting for those who indicated they could help with this event around mid January.

Wanaka website

If you’re thinking of heading to Wanaka for a sail check out

Club Roles

Club Commodore – Sue Bradley
Vice Commodore – ???
Treasurer – Debs Merriles
Secretary – Becky Ozanne
Club Gear Contact- Christy Brennan

Southern Lakes Windriders Club AGM 22/11/10

Craig and Erin

Sue Bradley, Greg Groves, Bruce Climo, Becky Ozanne, Lynne Donaldson, Errol Neutze, Karl Gebbie, Gavin Larsen, Dylan Nihte, Jim Gardner,(Is a kite instructor) Christy Brennan, Phil Hide, Debs Merrilees, Tom Cowan.

Report on 2009/2010
Sue outlined the main work of the club over the previous year from the annual report.

Debs outlined that the club had over 50 paid up members last year and overall we had a positive balance of about $200 from the past year. Given that we have savings of $4,500 the club is in a healthy position, with our minimal fees of $25 being sufficient to cover club costs.

General Discussion
Anenometer – We would like details of how much it is out.
More kitesurf beginner gear
Is the downwinder good for windsurfers?
Wye creek to Jardines practice.
Warn windsurfers that it is hard – give them some tips, otherwise we still want to keep the event. Perhaps we need to focus more on the social than the race part.
Talked about other local sailing venues.
Aviemore (Feature)
South Coast (Feature)
Promote Wanaka (Greg to provide info)
Clearwater (February)

What other fun events can we promote?

Making more of the Thursday evening sessions at Frankton – social and/or training kites available.
E-mail into us re events happening and we will distribute information via e-mail
Weekend trips and social sails
Pisa, Wanaka, Hawea, Wye creek to Jardines.

17/18 Dec local xmas sail
3rd week in Jan South Coast
February Pisa/Wanaka
12/13 March Downwinder
April Pisa/Wanaka/Hawea

Becky – secretary
Debs – Treasurer
Commodore – Sue
Vice Commodore??
Signatories for cheques – Becs and Sue?
Club Gear new contact Christy 022 675 1070

Helpers for downwinder – Phil, Tom, Beck, Jim, Christy, Dylan, Debs and Lynne.

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